Powered by durable components and intelligent software, our charging stations are compatible with every electric vehicle, now and in the future.

Home charging stations

Our home charging stations are available in various capacities, and help you get your charging costs reimbursed. Safe, smart, and simple.

Business charging stations

Our business charging stations are the most efficient ones around. With automated tracking and invoicing of charging costs, smart configurations for multiple installations, and custom branding options, they're the perfect fit for every commercial parking area.

DC Charger

DC’s secure and user-friendly design makes it accessible and applicable anywhere, by any electric car. On top of that, its smart power management capabilities will always ensure the cost-effective and energy-efficient management of multiple units. Fast, flexible, and reliable—DC sets a whole new standard for fast charging stations.

Public charging stations

Our public charging stations are compatible with any grid network and are configured with intelligent technologies that ensure an energy efficient operation at all times.

Hey EVBox

Easy, efficient, and insightful. Hey EVBox helps you track and manage electric car charging wherever you are and gives you full control over the power consumption of your charging station(s).

Charge cards

Our charge cards are the key to every charging station at home, on the go, and even abroad. That’s why we’ve made them free of charge for everyone! Start, stop and pay each charging session with just a simple swipe of the card.


Let our charging accessories accommodate your charging (management) needs. We offer wall brackets and poles for a secure installation of our chargers, charging cables in various lengths, and branding options including custom labels and covers.

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