Drive electric, charge everywhere

Access to charging stations is a necessity for every electric driver. It's our mission to provide easy access to charging infrastructure for electric drivers around the world.

Charging at home, on a private driveway

Unlike regular electricity sockets, a charging station is safer for your home and car's capacity. With your very own charging station on your driveway at home, you will start every single day fully charged.

Charging at home, on a shared parking lot

Sharing your parking spot with others? That's very generous of you! We help apartment tenants and homeowner’s associations to easily configure and manage (multiple) charging stations in a cost and time efficient manner.

Charging my car in public

Charge in public with the EVBox Charge Card, the key to every charging session at home, on the go, and even abroad. This is why we’ve made our charge cards and key fobs free of charge for everyone!

Electric cars

Our charging stations are compatible with every electric vehicle available in the market today and tomorrow. Simply select a car and see which charging capacity makes the best fit. We’ve also added some basic specifications that’ll come in handy.

Charging points map

Search and find EVBox and related partner charging points around Europe.

Manage your charging station

Register or log in here to manage your charging stations from your account. Simply follow the instructions on screen. Need help? We're here to assist you via +31 (0)88 77 55 444.

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