Hit the road fully charged, right off your parking lot

Are you sharing your parking spot with others? So generous! Electric vehicles lend themselves best to urban and suburban driving patterns. This is why interest from apartment residents are inevitable and on the rise.

The age of electric mobility

“Every new or refurbished house in the EU will need to be equipped with an electric-car charging point starting 2019.” - guardian.com

More than two million drivers across the world have swapped their dusty old clunkers, for a clean, electric car. Access to charging facilities have now become a necessity for every electric driver. With access to charging stations from your apartment parking lot, you will start every single day fully charged.

Learn more about apartment charging in this case study about Timmerhuis,
one of the most sustainable apartments in The Netherlands.


Charging at apartments

Allocate the charging costs
Naturally, you're only billed for your own charging sessions. This means that you and your neighbors’ charging sessions won’t affect each other, nor those that do not use the chargers.

Get reimbursed on your charging costs
We offer you insights into the power usage of your charging station and your charging sessions, and enable you to easily settle charging costs with your employer or lease manager.

Easy management for the tenant and Homeowners Association
We enable your tenant or homeowner’s association to easily con gure and manage (multiple) charging stations in a cost and time efficient manner.

Optimal charging, everywhere
Our technical services and accessories help your tenant to set up charging stations that always operate optimally, below and above ground.

Must reads for every (future) electric driver

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