Towards a zero emission city

Local governments play a crucial role in the mass adoption of electric vehicles. To adhere to new climate standards and maintain public health, now's the time to get in the game and invest in a green and sustainable charging infrastructure. We're already helping Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Monaco in becoming a zero emission city. Are you next?

The age of electric mobility

Today, cities turn to electric transportation, car sharing and emission-free zones as a result of stricter climate standards. The growing number of electric cars on the road however, has brought an increasing need for charging points in public areas. We're here to boost and safeguard your appetite for this expansion.

Push for clean air and healthy living

Push for clean air and healthy living

Establish your city as a frontrunner of clean transportation. Electric-car sales are increasing 50% year-on-year, and electric drivers are looking for cities that can help them charge and have a smooth drive to their destination.

Facilitate citizens and travellers

Facilitate citizens and travellers

Due to the lack of public charging infrastructure, electric drivers need to plan every trip more carefully than petrol car owners. By building an open public charging infrastructure throughout your city that's accessible to everyone, you'll be a lifesaver for all the electric driving citizens out there.

Maintain a stable grid

Maintain a stable grid

With full access to our Smart Charging configurations, you'll gain insights into the charging behavior city-wide, and balance the availability of power to ensure a safe and energy-efficient use of the grid at all times.

Explore PublicLine
This is the iconic public charging station that makes the perfect fit for any city.


Why EVBox?

We utilize our seasoned expertise in public charging infrastructure to help you design the installations, protocols and management of your charging infrastructure. With our expansive partner network of energy utilities and installers, we also assist you in a safe and smooth installation of various types of charging points across the region.

We're unique in providing an all-in-one charging solution that will take care of it all. From the installation and online integration of each station, to the tracking and billing of your charging sessions, we allow you to both operate and manage charging stations with ease and efficiency. Our expertise nurtured over the years, have made us the go-to charging point operator for more than 30 countries and over 980 cities today.

Just getting acquainted with electric-car charging? It's very simple. This video sums up nicely how to charge electric cars and how to manage charging sessions:

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